The Walking Dead: Betrayal Trainer +8

Developer: Abolfazl.K
Options: +8
Version: 1.0
Game’s Release Date: September 2023

The Walking Dead: Betrayal (2023) is a third-person action game for 5-8 players that adds elements of cooperation and deception. The resource-starved survivors must work together quickly and efficiently to avoid being attacked by a horde of walkers… but they’re not the only ones to fear. but they’re not the only ones to fear. There will be «traitors» on the team, whose interest is to sabotage the existing plan and prevent anyone from leaving. Sabotage can be organized in dozens of different ways, and slowly the team’s attention will shift from the obvious threat of walkers to paranoid mutual accusations that will call into question the very possibility of escape. Will your team manage to get out?


—> Numpad 1 — Infinite Health
—> Numpad 2 — Infinite Food
—> Numpad 3 — Infinite Items
—> Numpad 4 — Infinite Money
—> Numpad 5 — Infinite Ammo
—> Numpad 6 — No Reload
—> Numpad 7 — Super Speed
—> Numpad 8 — Easy Kills

On this page you can get free The Walking Dead: Betrayal Trainer created by Abolfazl.K for game version 1.0 (PC / Steam).