Terraria: Labor of Love Trainer (v1.4.4)

Developer: V2BlockBuster2K
Options: +25
Version: 1.4.4
Game’s Release Date: 2022

Terraria: Labor of Love [2022] is a new update for popular game. Terraria has always been a game where the player is constantly shifting roles — Dig, Fight, Build is the tagline, after all! Previously, this meant a lot of shifting around of gear sets and the like… but with Labor of Love, players will at long last have access to a set of three gear loadouts!


✓ GodMode
✓ No Respawn Time
✓ Infinite Ammo
✓ Infinite Item Placement
✓ Extended Reach
✓ Extended Grab Radius
✓ Infinity Mana
✓ Increase Tool Speed
✓ Faster Block Placement
✓ Faster Movement
✓ Always Fish Crates
✓ Infinite Quest
✓ Multiple Fishing Lines/Rapid Fire
✓ More Minions
✓ More Sentries
✓ No Rod of Discord Damage
✓ No Knockback
✓ Spelunker
✓ Full Brightness
✓ Infinite Items (Right Click)
✓ Extra Accesories
✓ Damage friendly NPCs
✓ Invincible friendly NPCs

On this page you can get free Terraria: Labor of Love Trainer created by V2BlockBuster2K for game version 1.4.4 (PC / Steam).