Stray Trainer (v1.2 / 2022)

Developer: FLiNG
Options: +5
Version: 1.2
Game’s Release Date: 19 July 2022

Stray [2022] is a third–person adventure game that takes place on neon streets and in the gloomy, dirty alleys of a dying cyber city. Wander through basements and roofs, defend yourself from unexpected threats and unravel the mysteries of this inhospitable place where there is no one but indifferent droids and dangerous creatures.

Cheat Options:

✓ Num 1 — God Mode/Ignore Hits
✓ Num 2 — Infinite Health
✓ Num 3 — Stealth Mode
✓ Num 4 — Set Player Speed
✓ Num 5 — Set Game Speed

On this page you can get free Stray Trainer created by FLiNG for game version 1.0 (PC / Steam).

Stray Trainer +5