Spirit of the Island Trainer v3.0.4.0 (2024)

Developer: ColonelRVH
Options: +22
Game’s Release Date: 2022

Spirit of the Island [2022] is a new interesting adventure simulation game. Your adventure will begin on a secluded island in the heart of a tropical archipelago. It was once a thriving resort, but has long lost its popularity. It’s time to return this place to its former glory! Explore the archipelago, meet the locals and help them return the tourist paradise to its former appearance … and at the same time discover the secrets of your own past! There are 10 unique skills available in the game: from farming and mining to gathering, communication and even fishing, which is dedicated to a separate mini-game. Learn to masterfully cope with each task!

Cheat Options:

✓ F1 — Unlimited HP
✓ F2 — Unlimited Stamina
✓ F3 — Zero Poison
✓ F4 — Zero Hunger
✓ F5 — Zero Thirst
✓ F6 — Zero Fatigue
✓ F7 — Well-Being
✓ F8 — Item Never Decrease
✓ F9 — Unlimited Money
✓ F10 — Unlimited Money
✓ F11 — Multiply EXP Gains
✓ Ctrl+F1 — Multiply Skill EXP Gains
✓ Ctrl+F2 — Multiply Relationship Increase
✓ Ctrl+F3 — Unlimited Item Durability
✓ Ctrl+F4 — Instant Cut / Mine Resources
✓ Ctrl+F5 — Ignore Crafting Materials Requirement
✓ Ctrl+F6 — Instant Craft Items
✓ Ctrl+F7 — Add 1 Hour
✓ Ctrl+F8 — Sub 1 Hour
✓ Ctrl+F9 — Game Speed
✓ Ctrl+F10 — Move Speed
✓ Ctrl+F11 — Jump Force

On this page you can get free Spirit of the Island Trainer created by ColonelRVH for game version (PC / Steam).

Spirit of the Island Trainer +22