MORDHAU Trainer +5

Developer: FutureX
Trainer Options: +5
Version: 1.0
Language: English
Game’s Release Date: 29 Apr, 2019
Rating: 12345 Загрузка...

If you want to download MORDHAU Trainer for free, you can do it right on this page! This cheat works on the game version 1.0 and above. Trainer includes 5 useful functions, using which you can get a big advantage in the game. MORDHAU is a multiplayer medieval slasher. Create your mercenary and fight in brutal battles where you will experience fast paced combat, castle sieges, cavalry charges, and more.

List of Functions:

→ Home — Active Trainer
→ Numpad 1 — Infinite Health
→ Numpad 2 — Infinite Money
→ Numpad 3 — One Hit Kills
→ Numpad 4 — Super Speed

  • bob le

    you fucking uploaded the file to a site where there’s a limit for the free download so you have to get buy premium. Fuck you piece of shit.

  • Tasheem The Dream

    what’s the point of even uploading it and saying we can download it for free when we can’t?

  • Kai Kurino

    The trainer is literally 600mb. Not anywhere near the right size for a trainer, definitely malware.

  • bob le

    First you uploaded to a site thats not even free. And now you removed my comment and someone’s else comment for stating the truth. You’re a fucking little bitch for removing the comment and trying to get people to waste money. Go slit your wrist and kill yourself.


    How has my limit been reached when I have never downloaded from the host site?!? I think this is a scam. Stay away. I can’t find the FutureX trainer anywhere else, so I believe it doesn’t even exist.

  • Mech_gamer

    Mirror please, i cant download the file

  • Akbar Gunawan Src

    cant download, update or make mirror