Kao the Kangaroo Trainer +13 (v1.3 / 2022)

Developer: FutureX
Options: +13
Version: 1.3
Game’s Release Date: May 2022

Kao the Kangaroo [2022] is a 3D platformer from veterans of the Tate Multimedia genre. In it, you will play as a brave and daring, but oh-so-cute kangaroo Kao, help him find his father and solve the mystery of his disappearance. Kao will have to explore many bright and elaborate locations, as well as find carefully hidden secrets. New dangers and challenges are waiting for you at every step, so you will have to learn on the go, simultaneously using the entire arsenal of skills… some of which have a mysterious origin! But, as they say, life is a journey, not a destination.

Cheat Options:

✓ Home — Active Trainer
✓ Numpad 1: Infinite Extra Life
✓ Numpad 2: Infinite Health
✓ Numpad 3: Max Finisher Meter
✓ Numpad 4: Super Speed
✓ Numpad 5: Infinite Jump
✓ Numpad 6: One Hit/Fast Kill
✓ Numpad 7: Infinite Coins
✓ Numpad 8: Infinite Crystal
✓ Numpad 9: Infinite Scrous
✓ Numpad 0: Infinite Runes
✓ Ctrl+1: Game: Super Speed
✓ Ctrl+2: Game: Slow Motion

On this page you can get free Kao the Kangaroo Trainer created by LIRW for game version 1.3 (PC / Steam).

Kao the Kangaroo Trainer +13