HITMAN 3 Trainer (v1.0 / 2022)

Developer: FLiNG
Options: 11
Version: 1.0
Game’s Release Date: 20 January 2022

HITMAN 3 [2022] is a spectacular conclusion to the trilogy. Become the legendary killer Agent 47, use your imagination and improvise, committing the most ingenious and spectacular contract killings in huge sandbox levels scattered around the world. Agent 47 teams up with his old friend Lucas Gray to eliminate the Providence partners, but the hunt for them turns out to be more difficult, and plans have to be changed along the way. When everything is over, 47th himself and the world around him will change once and for all. You will visit a variety of exotic corners of the world and enjoy luxurious levels that open up limitless possibilities. The skyscraper in Dubai, the colorful streets of Chongqing, Mendoza vineyards and other levels of HITMAN 3 are thought out to the smallest detail and impress with the highest quality graphics.

Cheat Options:

✓ Numpad 1 – Unlimited Health
✓ Numpad 2 – Unlimited Ammo
✓ Numpad 3 – No Reload
✓ Numpad 4 – Max Accuracy
✓ Numpad 5 – No Recoil
✓ Numpad 6 – Rapid Fire
✓ Numpad 7 – Jam Enemies Weapon
✓ Numpad 8 – Maximum Speed
✓ Numpad 9 – Slow Motion
✓ Numpad 0 – Mega Damage / One Hit Kill
✓ Numpad . – Stealth Mode

On this page you can get free HITMAN 3 Trainer created by FLiNG for game version 1.0 (PC / Steam).