Heroes of the Three Kingdoms 8 Trainer +77

Developer: peizhaochen
Trainer Options: +77
Version: 1.0
Language: English
Game’s Release Date: 12 January 2021
Rating: 12345 Загрузка...

If you want to download Heroes of the Three Kingdoms 8 Trainer for free, you can do it right on this page! This cheat works on the game version 1.0 and above. Trainer includes 77 different functions, using which you can get a big advantage in the game. Heroes of the Three Kingdoms 8 is a MOBA with RPG elements from Electronic Soul Games and publisher Tencent. The project offers real-time hero fights on various maps, many of which are based on legends from Chinese mythology. The same goes for the modes, which are battles with legendary dragons, battles in cages with crowds of opponents and other events.

Cheat Functions:

★ F5+1 Open money / forage modification
★ F5+2 money is not reduced
★ F5+3 enemy no money
★ F5+4 forage unabated
★ F5+5 enemy no forage
★ F5+6 forage+50000
★ F5+7 forage Max
★ F5+8 money+50000
★ F5+9 maximum money
★ F5+0 open the selected city modification
★ F5+- military service population+500
★ F5+= maximum military service population
★ F6+1 minimum military service population
★ F6+2 City defense maximum
★ F6+3 minimum City defense
★ F6+4 current agricultural maximum
★ F6+5 current agricultural minimum
★ F6+6 current commercial Max
★ F6+7 current commercial minimum
★ F6+8 current technology Max
★ F6+9 current technology minimum
★ F6+0 city to eliminate grievances
★ F6+- the biggest public grudges in the city
★ F6+= open generals modify
★ F7+1 generals lowest loyalty
★ F7+2 generals loyalty is set to 100
★ F7+3 Max will be loyal
★ F7+4 maximum martial arts experience
★ F7+5 generals experience+10000
★ F7+6 generals current physical reply
★ F7+7 generals physical enhancement
★ F7+8 generals physical reset
★ F7+9 generals force enhancement
★ F7+0 generals force reset
★ F7+- generals intelligence enhancement
★ F7+= generals intelligence reset
★ F8+1 generals battlefield speed enhancement
★ F8+2 generals battlefield speed reset
★ F8+3 open diplomatic modification
★ F8+4 longest diplomatic alliance
★ F8+5 diplomatic longest armistice
★ F8+6 Reset diplomatic status
★ F8+7 maximum friendliness
★ F8+8 minimum friendliness
★ F8+9 open battlefield morale modification
★ F8+0 rapid increase in morale
★ F8+- enemy morale is not long
★ F8+= open Life/kill modification
★ F9+1 Infinite Life
★ F9+2 one hit kill
★ F9+3 open equipment enhancement modification
★ F9+4 equipment demand level is set to 1[Removed]
★ F9+5 equipment physical + 1000
★ F9+6 equipment skills+50
★ F9+7 equipment Force+50
★ F9+8 equipment intelligence+50
★ F9+9 equipment Speed + 5
★ F9+0 equipment shift speed is set to 10
★ F10+1 Unlimited Battle time
★ F10+2 Treasury props / equipment / other unlimited
★ F10+3 super speed
★ F10+4 bullet time
★ F10+5 skills without cooling
★ F10+6 open Legion force modification
★ F10+7 view generals Force + 100
★ F10+8 view generals troops largest
★ F10+9 view generals troops force is set to 0
★ F10+0 Time stop
★ F10+- open time modification
★ F10+= time increased by 15 days
★ F12+1 Open existing arms modified
★ F12+2 Arms current experience+5000
★ F12+3 arms of the current experience of the largest
★ F12+4 arms experience reset