Final Fantasy 15 v1.02 Trainer +25 (LinGon)

Developer: LinGon
Trainer Options: +25
Version: 1.02
Language: English
Cheat’s Release Date: 6 March 2018
Rating: 12345 Загрузка...

We are glad to see you at! If you want to download Final Fantasy 15 Trainer for free, you can do it right on this page! This cheat works on the game version 1.02 and above. Trainer includes 25 different functions, using which you can get a big advantage in the game. skills and combat styles.

List of Functions:

HOME Key — Trainer Activation HotKey!

Numpad 0 — Infinite HP/Health
— Keeps your party safe from most damage

Numpad 1 — Infinite MP
— Keeps you and your party members mana full att all times

Numpad 2 — Set Max HP
— Allows you to customize the party’s max amount of HP

Numpad 3 — Set Strength
— Allows you to customize the party’s strength

Numpad 4 — Set Gils
— Allows you to set a custom amount for Gil — Use Editor to alter value

Numpad 5 — Set AP
— Allows you to set a custom amount for AP — Use Editor to alter value

Numpad 6 — Infinite Spells
— Speels equiped wont run out whilst on

Numpad 7 — Instant Spell Cooldowns
Cooldowns of spells will be instant — allowing you to reuse them instantly

Numpad 8 — Infinite Fish Line Durability
— while fishing and reeling the fish in, the line wont break

Numpad 9 — Instant Fish Line Reeling
— while capturing fish, this will capture it very fast

Insert Key — Fill Max Powers/Techniques
— Allows you to instantly fill the power meter for techniqueswhile in battle

Delete key — Infinite Fuel/vehicle
— Your vehicles wont run out on fuel

End Key — Pause Decision Time/Conversation
— Allows you to pause to make the right decision with no stress

F2 — Speed Up
— Speeds Things up

F3 — Bullet Time/Slowmotion
— Slows down time

F4 — Set No Hunger
— You and your party neever get hungry

F5 — Super Speed
Allows you to move faster then the rest

F10 — Set Character EXP’s
— Allows you to specify which character/Characters to improve with a custom amount of exp
— Note: Set the EXP before you Camp/rest and when the resting is over you will have leveled up

F11 — Edit & Set Item Amount — Currently Selected!
— Allows you to edit each indevidual items in the item menu — note some category cant be edited due to you only needing 1

Waypoint Teleporter:
F9 — Teleport To Waypoint Marker
— Allows you to set a marker and teleport to that marker — press and set a marker on the world map
— next press the F9 key and wait a second or so, then re-enter the game and you will teleport close to the marker
— Note: Dont overdo it for too long distances as you may get stuck and will have to retry a new location untill your not.

f6 — Store Location
f7 — Teleport
f8 — Undo Teleportation