Cult of the Lamb Trainer +18 (v1.0.16)

Developer: MrAntiFun
Options: +18
Version: 1.0.16
Game’s Release Date: August 2022

Cult of the Lamb [2022] is a new action game for PC. You will take the role of an obsessive lamb, saved from death by a creepy stranger. To repay your debt to your savior, you will have to find loyal followers for him. Cultivate your own cult in the lands of false prophets, make trips to the mysterious corners of the forest, unite loyal followers around you and carry your word to the masses to make your cult the only one.


✓ F1 — Unlimited Health
✓ F2 — Mega Items Pickup
✓ F3 — Instant Prayer
✓ F4 — No Hunger
✓ F5 — Unlimited Social
✓ F6 — Unlimited Rest
✓ F7 — Unlimited Re-Education
✓ F8 — Unlimited Faith
✓ F9 — Free Construction
✓ F10 — Unlimited Spell Ammo
✓ F11 — Set Souls
✓ Ctrl+F1 — Set Black Souls
✓ Ctrl+F2 — Set Follower Token
✓ Ctrl+F3 — Set XP
✓ Ctrl+F4 — Set Level
✓ Ctrl+F5 — Set Ability Points
✓ Ctrl+F6 — Set Weapon Ability Points
✓ Ctrl+F7 — One-Hit Kills

On this page you can get free Cult of the Lamb Trainer created by MrAntiFun for game version 1.0.16 (PC / Steam).

Cult of the Lamb Trainer +18