Civilization 6: Gathering Storm Trainer +20 (v1.0.0.290)

Developer: CheatHappens
Trainer Options: +17
Language: English
Game’s Release Date: 14 February 2019
Rating: 12345 Загрузка...

If you want to download Civilization 6: Gathering Storm Trainer for free, you can do it right on this page! This cheat works on the game version and above. Trainer includes 17 different functions, using which you can get a big advantage in the game. In Gathering Storm, the second expansion to Civilization VI, the world around you is more alive than ever before. Chart a path to victory for your people by developing new advanced technologies and engineering projects and negotiating with the global community in the World Congress on critical issues.

Trainer Options:

★ NumPad 1: Unlimited Movement
★ NumPad 2: Fast Build Units
★ NumPad 3: Fast Build Buildings and Wonders
★ NumPad 4: Fast Specialized Buildings
★ NumPad 5: Fast Projects
★ NumPad 6: Fast Research
★ NumPad 7: Fast Civics

Editor Options:

★ Selected Unit: Current Damage Done To Unit
★ Selected Unit: Number of Moves Remaining
★ Selected Unit: Unit Can Level Up
★ Selected Unit: Unit XP
★ Selected Unit: Unit Level
★ Resources: Gold
★ Resources: Faith
★ Resources: Influence
★ Resources: Diplomatic Favor
★ Selected City: Population
★ Selected City: Amenities Bonus
★ Selected City: Housing Bonus

Civilization 6 v1.0.0.290 Trainer +20