Cat Cafe Manager Trainer +8

Developer: iNvIcTUs oRCuS
Options: +8
Version: 1.0
Game’s Release Date: April 2022

Cat Cafe Manager [2022] is an exciting management simulator with a top view, where you have to restore your grandmother’s cat cafe. A small cafe is waiting for you in the cozy village of Caterwaul Way, which needs to be put in order, impress the locals and make friends with the local cats. It’s time to roll up your sleeves, get your tools and get to work. As you progress, you will be able to fully choose the layout, furnish the room with everything you need, create a delicious menu and shelter a huge number of cute and fluffy cats that will delight visitors and enable your small business to flourish.

Cheat Options:

✓ Numpad 1: Infinite Health
✓ Numpad 2: Infinite Money
✓ Numpad 3: Infinite Cat Training Points
✓ Numpad 4: Infinite Items/Resources
✓ Numpad 5: Infinite XP / Easy Level UP
✓ Numpad 6: Freeze Game Time
✓ Numpad 7: Maximum Cat Skills
✓ Numpad 8: Maximum Points

On this page you can get free Cat Cafe Manager Trainer created by iNvIcTUs oRCuS for game version 1.0 (PC / Steam).