ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game Trainer +18

Developer: CheatHappens
Trainer Options: 18
Version: 0.6.0b
Language: English
Game’s Release Date: 2017
Rating: 12345 Загрузка...

On this page you can download ATOM RPG Trainer and gain advantage in this game. Created by CheatHappens, this cheat works version 0.6.0b and has 18 different functions. ATOM RPG is a post-apocalyptic indie game, inspired by classic CRPGs: Fallout, Wasteland, System Shock, Deus Ex, Baldur’s Gate and many others.

List of Functions:

→ Num 1: Unlimited Starting Stat Points
→ Num 2: Unlimited Starting Skill Points
→ Num 3: Capture Characters During Combat
→ Num 4: Toggle Unlimited Movement
→ Num 5: Toggle Unlimited Damage
→ Num 6: Unlimited Carry Weight
→ Num 7: Capture Character Stats
→ Num 8: Unlimited Level
→ Num 9: Unlimited XP
→ Num 0: Allow Large Stat Numbers
→ Num /: Item Multiplier
→ F1: Change Strength
→ F2: Change Attention
→ F3: Change Endurance
→ F6: Change Personality
→ F7: Change Intellect
→ F8: Change Dexterity
→ F10: Change Luck

ATOM RPG v0.6.0b Trainer +18

  • Joahn Strolen

    this is a Demo trainer only +1 you need top pay to have +18